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19 December 2008

ICTSI Subic terminal rolls out new gate system

International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI), subsidiary Subic Bay International Terminal Corp. (SBITC) rolled out recently a new software that would boost operational efficiency at the gates of the Subic Bay Freeport’s new container terminal.

ICTSI developed in-house the GTSGates gate module, which is part of the terminal’s existing Graphical Tracking System (GTS) for SBITC.

It automatically generates container yard locations for trucks entering the terminal and can process multiple movements of containers, both import and export, during any truck visit and is linked to GTS’ yard allocation module.

The gate module also allows SBITC to utilize multiple lanes of the terminal gate, which can be switched functionally at anytime according to the flow of traffic.

A truck instruction document (TID), which has the container yard location, may be printed and issued to a truck driver as well as an equipment interchange receipt (EIR), a document containing the transfer of container from one carrier to another, upon gate out.

GTS is an application suite for container terminals. GTS planning uses high resolution color graphic workstations with Windows interface to support interactive, real-time modules for planning and monitoring of container terminal movements.

All planning and control functions for the yard or vessel operations are carried out on the GTS graphical planning screen. Ancillary support programs are used for gate processing, movement updates and master data updates.

These modules, when used together, facilitate management of vessel and yard planning and controller functions in the terminalAside from procuring the best terminal operations systems and software available in the market, ICTSI develops in-house software and systems tailor-fit to the specifications and requirements of its Philippine and international terminals.

ICTSI is a leading developer of international ports and terminals with a global port network spanning 13 countries. It is on its 20th year of operation and continues to pursue container terminal opportunities around the world. (scs/PFN - PNA)