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28 January 2009

Subic exports hit $977.84-M in 2008

Despite the onset of global recession, manufacturing companies in this free port unexpectedly turned out exports worth $977.84 million last year, the biggest export total for Subic in the last six years.

Subic’s 2008 export volume represented a .63 percent increase over the $971.73 million export value recorded in 2007.

The slim gain in export production was attributed by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) to the free port’s electronics and maritime industries, which had held on to previous orders to deliver positive export figures last year.

“Our 10 biggest manufacturers provided the bulk of Subic’s exports in 2008 — a total of $849 million, which is roughly 87 percent,” said SBMA Administrator Armand Arreza.

“I believe this is an achievement in itself,” Arreza added. “The fact that we did not turn out a negative figure last year despite the recession speaks so much of the resiliency of our business locators here.”

Arreza said two Subic exporters, the Taiwanese computer giant Wistron Infocom (Phils) Corp. and Hong Kong’s import-export firm Lets Do Mobile Philippines, contributed more than half of Subic’s $977.84 export total last year, with export production of $274.88 million and $234.5 million, respectively.

Two Japanese manufacturers, meanwhile, occupied the third and fourth slots among Subic’s top exporters: electrical machinery and appliance maker Sanyo Denki with $78.08 million, and ATM and cash register manufacturer Hitachi Terminals Mechatronics Phils. with $76.37million.

Korean shipbuilder Hanjin Heavy Industries Co.-Philippines (HHIC-Phil), meanwhile, posted $61.74 million worth of exports to make it as Subic’s fifth biggest exporter last year.

The rest in the top 10 exporters list are: Japanese wood products manufacturer Juken Sangyo (Phils.) Corp., with $44.17 million worth of exports; Taiwanese lock maker Tong Lung Metal Industry, with $27.94 million; Taiwanese aircon manufacturer Hitachi, with $20.31 million; Japanese precision electronics motors producer Nidec Subic Phils. Corp., with $17.78 million; and Japanese electronics sensor maker Nicera Phils. Inc., with $13.26 million.

Last year’s export production was the biggest so far in the last six years, following a continuous slide since 2003 that culminated in a $691.14 million export value in 2006.

Subic exports began picking up in 2007 with a total of $971.73 million, followed by $977.84 million last year.

Importations by Subic Freeport companies, meanwhile, reached a total of $2.27 billion in 2008, with the bulk consigned also to some of the biggest exporters in Subic.

However, SBMA records as of October 2008 indicated that the biggest importer last year was PTT Philippines, which traded in petroleum products, with a total freight on board value of $465.25 million.

Next were HHIC-Phil, with $389.32 million; Lets Do Mobile, with $214.89 million; Wistron Infocom, with $187.84 million; and Korean firm Hanil Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd., with $174.32 million.

Another oil and petroleum products trader, Tri-Solid Movers Services, Inc., was the sixth biggest importer last year, with $65.08 million worth of imports.

This was followed by Sanyo Denki, with $38.42 million; Juken Sangyo, with $29.97 million; Hitachi Terminals, with $28.26 million; and Nidec Subic, with $26.86 million. (SBMA Corporate Communications)