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23 April 2009

Subic Hitachi opens new warehouse despite global downturn

Japanese firm Hitachi Terminals Mechatronics Philippines Corp. (HTMP), a leading manufacturer of automated teller machines and terminal card reading machines, has inaugurated its new warehouse in this free port despite the ongoing global economic slowdown.

The firm, which is located here at the Subic Techno Park, unveiled its new 3,564-square meter warehouse last Friday — an indication of how HTMP workers envision bigger and brighter operations for the company, said Hitachi Asia Ltd. general manager Hitoshi Goto.

“Success should be attributed to the deeply committed and hardworking workers and officers of the HTMP. We believe this will promote operational efficiency to meet the vision towards global competitiveness,” Goto said during the inauguration.

Goto also proudly noted that the firm’s workers and management see a clear direction for the company, despite concerns on the global financial crisis that has affected even the HTMP and other Hitachi facilities world-wide.

HTMP president Kiyotaka Adachi, meanwhile, described the new warehouse as part of HTMP’s business strategy to control cost and improve its efficiency to be able to compete strongly.

The warehouse operation involves receiving of goods, stocking, warehouse controlling, keeping and mater
ials handling, picking or withdrawal of parts, delivery of picked parts to production, as well as for shipping.

“The inauguration of this new warehouse marks the start for HTMP to compete in the global market despite worldwide financial difficulties,” Adachi said.

“In order to improve efficiency, companies like the HTMP need to introduce change in the job process. This warehouse will enable us to conserve our resources and also improve our production output,” he added.

Meanwhile, S
BMA Administrator Armand Arreza praised HTMP’s expansion project, noting that it was pursued at a time when most businesses were starting to cut back on operations.

“Those who understand the dynamics of business cycles know very well that this daring business decision of HTMP is what will give Hitachi an edge over other companies when economy or market bounces to stand,” he said.

Hitachi, Arreza added, has already proven itself as a dynamic firm when it became one of the biggest exporters in the Freeport for 2008 with a total export value of US$76 million, and setting a new benchmark for itself by outdoing its own 2007 record-breaking expor
t of US$22 million.

Arreza added that the opening of HTMP’s new warehouse facility “is a sign of the company’s business foresight and continued competitiveness.” (SBMA Corporate Communications)


SUBIC EXPANSION PROJECT: Officials of Hitachi Terminals Mechatronics Philippines Corp. (HTMP) and guests inaugurate the firms’ new warehouse at the Subic Bay Freeport, which is designed to make the Subic-based ATM-maker more competitive. In photo are (left to right): Miyafumi Midorikawa, president and chairman Hitachi Kai of Hitachi Cable Philippines Inc.; Kiyotaka Adachi, HTMP president; Jun Ishihara, chairman of Manila Int’l Freight forwarders Inc.; Hitoshi Goto, general manager of Hitachi Asia Ltd.; Takashi Jinguji, managing director and chief executive for Asia of Hitachi Transport System (Asia) Pte. Ltd.; and Hiroki Nakazawa, executive vice president and general manager of CCT Constructors Corporation.