13 July 2009

Theme parks expand facilities in Subic Freeport

In a bid to attract more business with better and more exciting product offerings, two popular theme parks in this free port are expanding their facilities and putting up new attractions.

According to Kenneth Rementilla, business and investment department manager for leisure of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), both the Ocean Adventure Marine Park and Jungle Joe’s World Amusement Park are constructing new leisure facilities to expand operations.

The new facilities in both parks are expected to be completed within the next few months, Rementilla said. “So after the rainy season, they’ll be expecting more visitors to both parks,” he added.

At the Ocean Adventure park, a bigger sea lion stadium and exhibit area are being built to provide “an even more delightful adventure for park guests of all ages,” said Timothy Desmond, chairman and CEO of the Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium Inc. (SBMEI), which operates the park.

“This new, larger stadium will feature an exciting water element of the show, where sea lions will frolic and perform in their saltwater habitat. The new exhibits area will include exciting underwater viewing opportunities as well,” Desmond said.

By September this year, Desmond added, two more new shows will open to the delight of visitors. These are the “Rap, Jump, and Roll”, a trampoline acrobat and mascot show that
will be presented at the new seaside stadium, and “Walk on the Wild Side”, a brand new show that will feature forest wildlife and presentations on jungle survival techniques by Aeta natives.

Desmond also said that the firm has recently opened “Adventure Beach”, which is a special events beach for group outings and team-building activities, and “Eco Theater”, which is a new venue for the Aeta presentations under the canopy of the Ilanin Forest in this free port.

“The new sea lion stadium project is evidence of our ongoing commitment to provide our guests with the very best in family entertainment,” Desmond said, adding that the SBMEI will also be doubling the size of its Camayan Beach Resort Hotel by July this year to meet customer demands.

Meanwhile, facilities expansion are now being made at Jungle Joe’s World, an amusement park built around bunkers where the U..S. Navy previously stored ammunition when it
still occupied the Subic naval base.

According to Rementilla, park operator Subic Familyland Inc. will be building an “Indiana Jones” zip line in the forest park, as well as a mini cable ride and a souvenir gift shop.

Because of these additional facilities, the company has announced a two-month suspension of its operations to make way for a major renovation, Rementilla added.

As of now, Jungle Joe’s World is attracting visitors because of its air-conditioned themed bunkers that have been converted into attractions like the Kiddie Playzone, Indy 500 Racer, Playhouse Theater, and Winter Wonderland.

Jungle Joe’s World also offers tours at its “Jurassic Trail” where life-size fiberglass figures of prehistoric animals are featured, an adventure zoo train ride, a state-of-the-art paintball course, and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) rides.

The firm is also planning to put up a unique floating restaurant at the Sa’anaba beach area of the 60-hectare property. (SBMA Corporate Communications)

PHOTO: Dolphins wow visitors at the Ocean Adventure marine park in the Subic Bay Freeport.