22 November 2009

21st Ad Congress in Subic benefits Baguio City

Baguio City, the supposed host of the 21st Philippine Advertising Congress (PAC) until the venue was moved to this free port just a month ago, has become a “test bed” for the advertising industry’s newfound focus to harness their tested media tools to benefit some afflicted sectors of the society.

Aside from the pledge by the Philippine Advertising Board to give 100 percent of the ticket sales from the prestigious “Araw Awards” to be held on Saturday night, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) vowed to donate the entire income from the rental of the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center (SBECC), the congress venue, for the entire duration of the four-day gathering.

“In the true spirit of the 21st Advertising Congress, the entire organization of the SBMA and the entire community of Olongapo City join the advertising industry in helping Baguio City and other affected areas in Northern Luzon in the process of rebuilding and recovery,” said SBMA administrator Armand Arreza during the opening ceremony on Wednesday night here.

Arreza said the donation will be used to purchase a brand-new ambulance truck for the City of Pines, where reconstruction and rehabilitation projects are ongoing after it was hit by a series of typhoons last month.

Arreza also said the SBMA, as the government agency that administers the Subic Bay Freeport, is setting an example “for different sectors of the society to help in the organized and long term response to environmental threats particularly the issue of global warming.”

He added that Baguio City “remains strong as ever, extending its support and generosity, exhibiting great resolve and fortitude that made the city one of the most loved and preferred venues for the Advertising Congress.”

Arreza also said the Subic community is thankful for being chosen as Ad Congress host for the third time.

“The honor of having hosted this prestigious event three times has stamped an indelible mark on Subic Bay as one of the best and foremost venue in the country for this important gathering,” said Arreza.

The Subic official also thanked Baguio City mayor Peter Ray Bautista “for allowing us to co-host the event.”

Meanwhile, Bautista said they were honored and grateful for being a part of the Ad Congress celebration despite the venue transfer to Subic.

“We took this chance to come out and accept the hand that has been reached out to the people of Baguio and the people of Benguet,” the Baguio City mayor also said.

Bautista was referring to the “Brand Aid” campaign of the 21st PAC, which seeks to set up a funding mechanism for the advertising industry to aid rehabilitation efforts.

Brand Aid’s first project, “AHON”, was immediately set in motion in the aftermath of “Ondoy”, whereby P2 million was raised for the Philippine National Red Cross.

The 21st PAC chairman Margot Torres said the glitzy Ad Congress, as it was then known, “has gained a new perspective to become an instrument for positive action to help countrymen and to rally support for long-term recovery.” (SBMA Corporate Communications)

Baguio City mayor Peter Ray Bautista accepts a donation pledge for Baguio City from Advertising board chair Charmaine Canillas.