13 July 2010

Subic locator begins export of ‘E-scooter’

A Japanese-Filipino joint-venture company has begun exporting battery-powered electric scooters, riding the crest of the popularity of “green” products designed to help mitigate climate change.

World Green Inc. (WGI), which began operations here only last year, has already delivered 240 units of its “E-scooter” to Japan after only six months of operation, said Gemma Villaseñor, the firm’s general manager.

“Now, we have an outstanding order for 600 units more,” Villaseñor added.

WGI has invested $208,000 for its factory here at the Subic Gateway Park, engaging in the importation, assembly, warehousing and exportation of rechargeable scooters to various Asian countries.
Villaseñor said the company also hopes to capture the Philippine market before the year ends, as well as penetrate other Asian markets like China and Korea, where the popularity of the so-called green products is fast catching on.

“The E-scooter is very earth-friendly because it has zero-smoke emission. It is powered by rechargeable batteries and does not emit carbon dioxide into the air,” Villaseñor said.

She added that the E-scooter, which has a top speed of up to 60 kilometers per hour (kph), is “very ideal for short-distance travel” because of its maneuverability.

“With the size of a domestic bicycle, the E-Scooter also provides you hassle-free parking,” she added.

The company’s E-scooter weighs about 120 kilograms and comes in four colors—blue, red, orange and black. It is powered by eight pieces of 12-volt battery, which could be fully charged in just four hours. Parts used in the assembly of the units are manufactured in China and Taiwan.

Villaseñor said they are selling the E-scooter at a plan retail price of ¥238,000 (about P125,800), which includes tax and registration fee. (Henry Empeño, Business Mirror)

In Photo: A prospective buyer checks out an E-Scooter on display during the opening of World Green Inc.’s assembly plant at the Subic Bay Free Port.