13 November 2012


Official Statement from the SBMA

For the information and safety of the public, contrary to what has been implied, there is no evidence that any toxic waste such as nuclear, chemical or similar hazardous waste has been discharged in the confines of Subic Bay. Neither is there evidence that oily wastes or sewage wastes have been dumped in our waters. Latest tests show that Subic Bay’s waters remain clean, safe, and continue to be within normal levels.

On the issue of oily water waste and sewage, our initial investigation shows the following:

1. On the oily/bilge water, the same has been hauled by an accredited waste hauler and brought to an accredited waste treatment plant. We are still in the process of determining if all oily/bilge water has been treated properly and is covered by the necessary certificates of treatment.

2. Based on the investigation of the ship logs by the Seaport Department, the raw untreated domestic waste water has been discharged in the high seas, approximately seventeen (17) nautical miles from the nearest land point – beyond the minimum twelve (12) nautical mile boundary set in the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL).

We are coordinating with other concerned agencies to verify compliance with other regulatory requirements which may be related to this matter. A formal report will be issued subsequently.

We wish to reiterate that the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority is committed to protecting the environment of Subic Bay and will continue to ensure that all environmental laws are respected and complied with.

Issued this 12nd day of November 2012. Quezon City.