17 September 2013

Bilateral Amphibious Landing Exercise Set to Begin in Philippines

Manila -- Approximately 2,300 U.S. and Philippine service members will meet for three weeks of bilateral air-ground and amphibious training as well as a staff planning exercise during Amphibious Landing Exercise 2014 (PHIBLEX 14) in the Republic of the Philippines Sept. 18 – Oct. 11.

PHIBLEX 14 is designed to improve interoperability, increase readiness and enhance the ability to respond to natural disasters or other regional contingencies. PHIBLEX will also enhance local infrastructure and quality of life and build upon vibrant professional and personal relationships between Philippine and U.S. Marines.

The bilateral Philippine-U.S. Marine Corps training, consisting of a staff planning exercise, field training exercises and humanitarian and civic assistance projects, sustains and reinforces the foundation and framework for a bilateral force to respond rapidly and effectively to regional humanitarian crises.

The staff planning exercise will increase the capability to conduct bilateral maritime security and territorial defense operations. The field training exercises will provide the Philippine and U.S. Marine units an opportunity to maintain their unit skill sets while sharing best practices and enhancing an already high level of interoperability. Additionally, Philippine and U.S. forces will carry out a series of humanitarian and civic assistance projects that will include engineering civic assistance projects, to improve local infrastructure, and cooperative health engagements, to share medical best practices and meet the medical needs of Filipino citizens. (Public Affairs Section, US Embassy)