03 September 2013

Olongapo starts dredging river

The local government of Olongapo has started dredging part of its river channel in an effort to alleviate continues flooding in the city.

Mayor Rolen Paulino said that B&B construction, a private contractor provided heavy equipment’s for free to the city, which is currently being used together with the city’s dredging machine.

The dredging along Banicain river which separate Subic Bay Freeport and the city started last week but was put on hold due to Tropical Storm Maring.

Olongapo suffered heavy flooding during “Maring’s” none stop rain. Paulino explained that it would take more than one month to finish dredging Banicain River which covers the whole perimeter channel after which it would transferred to another river channel.

“All the contractor asked for is the sand that would be dredge from the river, which they would use as part of their construction materials,” Paulino said. He explained that the dredging would not prevent flood in the future but would lessen it.

“Kung dati yung ibang part ng city ay hangang bewang ang baha baka pag natapos ang dredging ay hanggang tuhod na lang.” Paulino added.

“The city will save a lot with this move, because if we alone shoulder the dredging expense it would cost us millions and that will hurt us a lot, considering that the city is in the process of paying its billions peso debt from PSALM” he explained.

Last month a locator inside Subic Bay Freeport also proposed to dredge the river channel of Olongapo for free, but it has yet to materialize. (Pao/ 08292013)