20 March 2014

2 injured dolphins treated in Subic marine park

Two rescued spinner dolphins turned over to the Ocean Adventure Marine Park here for treatment and rehabilitation are now showing signs of recovery under the care of animal health experts.

The spinner dolphins (Stenella longirostris), both female, are believed to have been injured by blast fishing. One was rescued in Badoc, Ilocos Norte and the other in Masinloc, Zambales.

Ocean Adventure marine operations director Carlo Magno said both dolphins suffered from acoustic trauma that caused impairment of navigational senses and loss of buoyancy.

Aptly called "Valentina," the 1.7-meter-long and 50-kilogram spinner dolphin from Ilocos Norte was found beached on the eve of Valentine's Day with an old shark bite wound.

Valentina was transported to the Ocean Adventure rehab facility on March 1. Barely a week in the facility strapped with improvised floaters, Valentina began showing signs of full recovery including regaining buoyancy, according to Magno.

Meanwhile on March 5, "Scarlett", the other spinner dolphin, was found beached and wounded in an area in Masinloc where blast fishing was believed to have occurred.

The Philippine Marine Mammal Stranding Network (PMMSN) said that "Scarlett" was eating some of the dead fish after the blast when another blast came and injured her.

Scarlett was transferred to Ocean Adventure on March 8 with impaired navigational senses and loss of buoyancy. She was also strapped with an improvised floater but still remains under critical care, as she still cannot swim or stay afloat.

As of now, Valentina is already swimming in Ocean Adventure's open sea enclosure, while Scarlett stays in the round pool.

"We are giving both dolphins the necessary vitamins and food supplements to aid them into full recovery from their injuries and trauma," Magno said.

"We can only hope that Scarlett recovers from her injuries and trauma," Magno added.

Ocean Adventure houses the only center in the entire country that provides 24/7 rehabilitation of stranded marine mammals.

PMMSN said they intend to make the rehab center fully equipped to better nurse stranded mammals back to health. (RFD/MPD-SBMA)

Scarlett, a spinner dolphin believed to be injured from dynamite fishing blast, is being nursed back to health at the Ocean Adventure Marine Park in the Subic Bay Freeport.