20 October 2014

Corregidor, Grande Island as Ebola quarantine areas?

Corregidor and Grande Island in Subic Bay are possible quarantine areas if and when a returning overseas Filipino worker (OFW) from countries at risk is found to have been infected by the deadly Ebola virus.

“The government has got to provide the necessary quarantine areas if there is any infected person who is able to enter the Philippines from Ebola-affected countries in West Africa,” Philippine Red Cross Chairman Richard Gordon told Manila Bulletin in an interview Wednesday. Gordon, however, did not cite reasons these two areas are good Ebola quarantine areas.

According to Gordon, the Red Cross is ready and willing to provide the necessary support to health workers and help implement safety protocols.

“The Red Cross can come in already,” he said. “The bigger job will be when these people come back and they are infected. We have to be prepared to handle that.”

As far as the Red Cross is concerned, Gordon said they have to train their staff and volunteers, buy the equipment as well and train their people how to handle these.

“Many of the people who died from Ebola were not trained,” he pointed out. “Even if they have the protective equipment when they remove it they touch their face and they get sick. The mortality rate is going up also so we have to be prepared for that.”

Gordon stressed that nobody is adequately prepared for such a scenario.

“Even the United States is being surprised. They trained people still one of their people got sick,” Gordon pointed out. “In terms of training people to handle it you have to do that. The government, the Red Cross and other groups must have that.”

To prepare for the possibility of Ebola infection in the country, Gordon said he was recently in Geneva to learn about the disease and how to prevent any outbreak.

“I requested that we be trained here,” the former senator revealed. “Canada is coming here, IFRC is here, we are going to conduct training for that.” (Manila Bulletin via ph.news.yahoo.com)