01 April 2015

Zip through the tigers, Zoobic dares visitors

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT – Zoobic Safari has opened a zipline cage that takes visitors over a den of tigers, the first ever in the world to have this kind of ride.

Aptly named as Kamikazoo – a play on kamikaze, the Japanese term for suicide aerial attacks – the heart-stopping 130-meter ride puts tourists inside an enclosure made of metal that resembles a cage then
slowly zips them through a den of tigers.

Owner Robert Yupangco said the metal capsule has a capacity of eight persons and will have dressed chickens dangling on the cage’s side. From a height of 10 meters, the capsule will drop down to about one feet from the ground. “This will test the bravery of the tourists,” he added.

Aside from the zipline, Zoobic Safari has so many attractions that will keep tourists occupied and entertained.

The theme park also has the only black camel in the country, and pigmy donkeys that can only be found here.

The company has ensured that safety is its utmost concern, adding that there are emergency response teams on standby in every ride. First aid outposts are also found around the facility. (Jonas Reyes, Manila Bulletin)

A group of tourists ziplines through a den of tigers at the Zoobic Safari in Subic Bay Freeport. Kamikazoo, the newest attraction in Zoobic Safari, puts tourists inside an enclosure that ziplines thru a den of tigers. (Jonas Reyes)