11 May 2015

Subic Grande Island Resort conducts underwater clean-up

Grande Island Resort, one of Subic Freeport's leading tourism players, recently held an underwater and coastal clean-up in the waters of Subic Bay as part of the international observance of Earth Day.

The volunteer divers were able to haul some 30 kilograms of non-biodegradable waste materials composed mostly of plastic wrappers.

Miss Subic Bay Tourism first runner-up Martina McKinsey also joined the volunteer divers in the recent clean-up as part of the pageant’s environmental advocacy.

According to Grande Island managing partner Thomas Garcia, who led the underwater clean-up, the resort conducts periodic clean-up of the beaches up to neighboring Chiquita Island.

He said that the resort’s diving program will incorporate clean-up of the seabed to maintain the balance of the island's marine ecosystem, which is one of the best in Subic Bay.

The island resort also plans to enhance underwater diversity by setting up a viable artificial reef system. Subic Bay is one of the dive sites closest to Metro Manila and is known for World War II shipwrecks and pockets of coral gardens.

Garcia noted that Grande Island's environmental and recreational activities will form part of its corporate social responsibility.

Formerly known as Fort Wint, a naval fortification during the American Occupation, Grande Island Resort is situated some kilometers off the Freeport at the mouth of Subic Bay. It offers a wide array of water sports and outdoor adventure activities such as horseback-riding, trekking, mountain biking and zip line.

[1] A volunteer diver holds a sackful of garbage collected from the bottom of the sea near Grande Island in the Subic Bay Freeport during an underwater clean-up.

[2] Volunteer divers, along with Miss Subic Bay Tourism first runner-up Martina McKinsey, show their collection of non-biodegradable waste materials hauled from the bottom of the sea during an underwater clean-up around Grande Island, a popular resort in Subic Bay Freeport.