08 January 2016

SBMA forest rangers stop hauling of logs in Aeta ancestral land in Bataan

Forest rangers of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), most of them Aeta natives, have stopped eight big dump trucks from hauling logs cut from their ancestral land in Hermosa town in Bataan province.

“There is no permit, that is why we did not allow them,” said Ricky Manalansan, 31, an Aeta forest ranger.

Manalansan said that five dump trucks loaded with cut trees were already impounded at the SBMA Law Enforcement Department while they are still guarding three other trucks loaded with eucalyptus, cupang and other tree species at the Pastulan village.

A big trunk of cut lawaan tree and left-over of other tree species were seen in clearings adjacent to the access road that reportedly used to be a bike trail to Pastulan village.

Pastulan, an Aeta village, is under Hermosa but became part of the former American naval base that is now the SBMA.

About 2/3 of the total area of SBMA belongs to Bataan, particularly Hermosa and Morong towns.(PNA via interaksyon.com)

Photo by interaksyon.com

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