22 July 2016

SBMA gives computers to schools ‘to even up learning field’

Talk about levelling the learning field for schoolchildren.

As part of its commitment to help catalyse growth and development in neighboring communities, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) will be giving away desktop computers to various schools in Olongapo City and the provinces of Zambales and Bataan.

SBMA Chairman Roberto V. Garcia said the agency is looking forward to donating around 90 units of used but serviceable desktop computers to help schoolchildren undertake basic learning in information and communications technology.

“This is our way of taking up the cudgels for the youth who lack access to equipment that could boost their skills and learning potential, to level the playing field,” Garcia explained.

“We have tacitly given these children the responsibility to assume leadership in the years to come, but how could they improve themselves if they lacked the wherewithal to do so? These computers give them the fighting chance, so to speak,” Garcia added.

Garcia said the Hewlett-Packard computers were just replaced with newer models when the agency opted to upgrade its system to achieve greater computing power and to bolster systems efficiency.

According to Vergil Joseph Lansangan, head of the SBMA Management Information Systems Office, they have been putting to good working condition the computer units decommissioned from various SBMA departments prior to delivery to recipient schools.

He said that the units, while not top of the line, are just a few years old. “They’re certified A-Ok,” Lansangan added.

Lansangan said his office had recently delivered 37 computer units to Balanga City for the beneficiary schools. The rest have been allotted to schools in Olongapo and Zambales.

Nomer Alviz, an information technology officer at the SBMA-MIS, said the units have been bundled with basic software that students could readily use.

The software programs are all licensed, he added. (HEE/MPD-SBMA)

SBMA-MIS head Vergil Lansangan (4th from left) and other SBMA staff delivers computer units for use of schoolchildren in Balanga City. Other units will be donated to various schools in Olongapo City and Zambales. (AMD/MPD-SBMA)