09 March 2017

Subic Freeport gears up for summer-long activities

With the successful holding of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) Beach Volleyball Tournament and the Tribal Games here, this premier Freeport once again showed that it is now prepped for summer-long activities.

According to Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) administrator, Atty. Wilma Eisma, the agency’s Tourism Department has planned numerous summer-fun activities that will maintain this Freeport as the top tourist destination of Luzon.

The Summer Siren Festival rises in Subic Bay on May 12-14

Aside from the usual crowd drawers like the Ocean Adventure Marine Theme Park and Zoobic Safari, Subic Freeport has much to offer. One of the highest number of tourist activities is the occupancy of hotels that have swimming pools and beaches,” she said.

And with the addition of the new Moonbay Marina Wave Pool, expect the influx of tourists to increase, she said. She also pointed out that the area is home to some of the pristine beaches in Luzon, including the Camayan Beach Resort, Adventure Beach, All Hands Beach and the Anvaya Beach Resort.

“There is really never a dull moment when you’re here in Subic Freeport. If you plan to have a more adventurous summer vacation, you could stop by at the Networx Jetsports Subic Bay that has a hoverboard, parasailing, and jetski rentals,” she said.

                                            The new Moonbay Marina Waterpark and Resort

Other fun activities that tourists can do during their stay in the Subic Freeport are to go to Tree Top Adventure and try the rides high above the ground. Zipline rides such as the Canopy Ride, the Superman Ride, the Silver Surfer, and Interactive Freefall are just some of the activities tourists can enjoy.

Meanwhile, for the tourist who is more into nature, Subic Freeport offers a glimpse of how to live like an Aeta tribesman of the old where they can cook food and rice using bamboos, go trekking at the Pamulaklakin Trail that is full of trees, or just simply go bird watching at the Apaliin Trail.

“With these much activities, we will surely be hailed as the top tourist destination in Central Luzon, and probably be among the top tourist destination in Luzon,” Eisma said. (JRR/MPD-SBMA)