26 April 2011

Images of Christ appear in old Acacia tree in Subic

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT – Images of Christ wearing the Crown of Thorns, one of the instruments at the time of crucifixion, appeared in several branches of an old Acacia tree in a posh residential area, here.

The faithful started to flock offering flowers and prayers in the place which they now claimed as sacred.

About few weeks ago, 64 year-old house keeper Remedios Generalo started to see the
unusual formation of the Christ images in several branches of an old Acacia tree in a landscaped garden owned by businesswoman Geralda Villa of East Kalayaan Heights.

Generalo said that the cutting, pruning and trimming of several branches of the huge Acacia tree were done about two years ago but images were discovered only last March 28.

The images appeared in about four to five trimmed branches of the tree.

But days before that, Generalo recalled that for several occasions, she witnessed the swirling and powerful winds near the Acacia tree, lifting door maps and slippers off the grounds.

“Ang akala ko may darating na bagyo (I thought a typhoon is coming),” she said.

Generalo added that another unusual thing happened after she discoverd the images ofChrist on the branches of the Acacia tree.

“Each morning, I used to feed several crow birds in our garden which has become part of my daily routine but now the birds are all gone,” she said.

The images have caught the attention of Fr. Oddie Mozo, the parish priests of San Roque Chapel, who recently visited, blessed the tree and reportedly officiated a mass in the garden.The priest could not be contacted for comment.

Kalayaan resident Angie Samson said that neighbors are not bothered by the influx of faithfuls visiting the house but warned that the “miracle” should not in any way be used for commercial purposes.

“The place is blessed with the appearance of these sacred images. It should be treated with utmost respect. Hindi yung mag-isyuso lang,” Samson said.

The latest visitor in the area was former Senator Dick Gordon who was amazed to see the image of Christ.

“Miracles do happen these days,” says Freeport worker Elsie Muñoz-Cabral who went to see the Holy Face of Jesus on Holy Thursday in Kalayaan Housing with her children.

Some of the visitors claimed that there should a message that comes along with the images of ‘dying’ Jesus.

Olongapo resident Susan Miranda cited the Last Words of Jesus before He died on the cross.

“Father, into your hands I commend my spirit,” the word of Christ which she believed that God has forgiven our sins and will never leave us.

“Clearly, the image of dying Christ tells us that people have to repent, turn away from sinful life and offer ourselves to the forgiveness of sins,” Miranda said.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has yet to investigate on this. (Rey Garcia, News Central)