19 July 2011

Divers now on retrieval mode for lost companion inside USS New York

Divers here have located the two foreign divers who drowned inside a shipwreck site in Subic Bay Freeport.

Six divers from the Boardwalk dive shop inside Subic Bay Freeport located the two divers at around 5:30pm today (Monday).

Although the drowned divers identified as America dive master Steven Brittain, 47 and Hong Kong resident Shun Chuen Tin, 30 were located thier body has yet to be recovered.

The two divers including another Chinese national identified as Fong Lung Chow dove to see USS New York, a popular dive site in Subic Bay Freeport at around 3pm Sunday.

Chow left the dive site first and said that he saw Tin stop and turned around as they were leaving USS New York, Brittian signaled to him that he would go back to go Tin.

Chow proceeded to surface, he added that the site was dark and muddy and that he lost site of the two divers.

Chow waited for the his two companion for 30 minutes and decided to dive back to look for them but failed. He reported the incident to authorities.

Before divers from Boardwalk Dive Shop went to search for the two drowned victims, 4 divers from Johann’s Dive Shop located in Barangay Barretto in Olongapo City dove but failed to located the two foreigners.

The search started Sunday afternoon a few minute Chow reported the incident to local authorities.

Johan De Sadeleir, a Belgian national, who owns Johann Dive shop was one of the divers. The two victims originally came from Sadeleir dive shop were they rented their gears before going to the dive site.

Brittain is a known dive expert which is why his fellow diver were puzzled as to what really happened with the two. (Anthony Bayarong, Subic Times)