15 December 2012

Subic Firm Producing Indoor Vegetables

A company inside this premier Freeport is producing Central Luzon’s only indoor-grown vegetables that are free from both fertilizers and pesticides.

Subic Amino Hightech Corporation has been growing vegetables thru an indoor hydroponics system a few months ago inside a 6 meter by 15 meter room where temperature is maintained at 22 degress celsius, cooler than most offices inside the Freeport.

The two hydroponic systems, with six levels each, provide the nutrients to rows of healthy Frillice Lettuce, Wasabe greens, and Arugula plants.

“The program is a sustainable and renewable farming technology. Our produce are pesticide-free, grown in a controlled environment, and fresh because we harvest based on demand,” Atushi Kadoi, Subic Amino general manger explained.

The project is run by the company which began growing the greens on its nutrient-rich water beds a few months ago.

A combination of LED and fluorescent bulbs are used, instead of direct sunlight, for the plants’ photosynthesis.

“Salad greens inside the Freeport come from Baguio or Tagaytay, meaning substantial travel time and the potential of mishandling. With hydroponics, we are assured that what we buy for our families or serve to our clients are grown in a safe and controlled environment,” Kadoi explained.

Subic Amino Hightech Corporation used to recycle CD and DVD casing into plastic pellets that may be used for new plastic-based products.

“Importation was a challenge in our plastics business, even if we are inside a Freeport zone. Since our company was in the business of renewables and environmentally-friendly technologies, we decided to put up the indoor hydroponics,” Kadoi said.

They are banking on the growing community of health conscious and the environmentalists at heart in Olongapo City and Subic Bay to give them the push that is needed to take the business into a higher level. (Jonas Reyes, Manila Bulletin)