10 December 2012

Subic online school donates 250 bags of rice for indigent families

An online language instruction company in this free port has turned over 250 sacks of rice to the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) for distribution to less privileged communities in Zambales.

Moon-kang Myung, president of MoonKkang Talk, Inc., told SBMA Chairman Roberto Garcia during a brief visit at the latter’s office that his company would donate 250 50-kilo bags of rice under the firm’s corporate social responsibility program.

First established in Daegu, Korea in 1996, MoonKkang Talk, Inc. is a company dedicated to enhancing the speaking skills of Korean students by providing excellent English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction.

Myung said the online academy helps their students become more confident and competitive.

While continuing to strive not only for excellent work ethic through its passionate and enthusiastic teachers, MoonKkang Talk also participates in social activities to promote better working relationship with the community it serves.

Chairman Garcia said that the donation by MoonKkang Talk was very timely. He said the rice, together with other food items, will form part of Christmas gift bags that the SBMA will distribute to indigent families around the Freeport area.

Garcia thanked Myung and expressed hope that the company’s gesture of goodwill would be emulated by other companies in the free port.

Myung said his company is thriving in Subic because many Korean students are seeking help to keep abreast with the rapidly-evolving education industry.

“In this age of fast real-time communication, learning English has become more important than ever,” Myung said.

MoonKkang Talk started operating in the Philippines in 2007 with no more than 30 teachers during its first few months. After 5 years in the online education industry, it now has more than 200 employees and 12,000 academy students.

The company provides quality English lessons in the form of 10- to 20-minute phone and video classes, from Mondays to Fridays.

Myung alo said that MoonKkang Talk continues to aim for the best service for its students, and also seek to strengthen the ties between students and teachers and the local community. (RAV/MPD-SBMA)