29 November 2013

Ten outstanding Subic Freeport workers recognized

Ten workers who have shown exemplary performance and contributions in their respective companies were recognized by the Subic business community during 2013 Ten Outstanding Freeport Workers awarding ceremony at the Subic Bay Arts Center on Friday.

The search for outstanding workers, which began 12 years ago, is annual project of the Subic Bay Workforce Development Foundation, Inc. (SBWDFI), which was established by business locators here to promote the welfare of workers, strengthen their values, and honor workers who showed discipline, dedication and commitment to excellence.

Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Chairman Roberto Garcia, who was guest speaker during the event, said the awarding was one of the most significant parts in the celebration of the 21st founding
anniversary of the SBMA.

The SBMA official also told workers here that the major advantage of Subic over Vietnam, Myanmar and other countries in Asia, is not the cost of labor but human resources.

“English-speaking Filipino workers, even with their ‘carabao’ English, can communicate with foreign managers,” Garcia pointed out. “But the most important value of Pinoy workers is that they are loyal and credible workers.”

SBMA labor manager and concurrent SBWDFI president Severo Pastor Jr. said that the 10 awardees are the cream of the crop who represent the best of Filipino workers.

The awarded were chosen from hundreds of nominees who underwent a series of interviews, performance appraisal and screening by the board of judges headed by its chairman Evelyn Grace Sorongon, national president of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP).

The awardees are Engr. Maricon Amano, inventory management assistant at the Philippine Coastal Storage and Pipeline Corporation; Lydia Baltazar, manager and CEO of the Subic Bay Multi-Purpose Cooperative; Edmund De Jesus, community development officer at the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority’s Ecology Center; and Roseman Dinco, senior staff, and Israel Fontilla, line foreman, both of Wistron Infocomm Phils., Corporation.

The awardees also include Lovella Jarobel, a professor at the Mondriaan Aura College; Norlangen Morales, printing/assembly section head at Koryo Subic, Inc.; Justin Jay Navarro, engineering group manager at Subic EnerZone Corp.; Engr. Gorgonio Sisante, senior product engineer at Nicera Philippines; and Eduardo Sitjar, senior operator at the Philippine Coastal Storage and Pipeline Corporation.

For her part, PMAP Subic chapter president Merlin de Gracia said the 10 awardees exemplify the Filipino workers who are scattered around the world.

“The Filipino workers are the real driving force of our economy. You are the Philippines’ most valuable wealth,” she said.

The ceremony on Friday also recognized five Subic-based companies who were chosen to receive the Good Corporate Governance Award. These are Cartridges Recyclers Services Corporations (CRESC), Inc.; Global Maritime Logistics Support, Inc.; Hitachi Terminals Mechatronics Phils. Corp.; Nicera Phils. Inc.;
and Subic Enerzone Corp.

“These companies are examples of what we wanted to achieve in Subic. They were recognized for continuously working towards excellence,” said Chairman Garcia.

He also noted that the companies promote and maintain high levels of occupational safety standards, just salaries and benefits to workers, and participation in community services. They also observe labor codes and ethics and promote good worker-management relationships. (RAV/MPD-SBMA)

SBMA Chairman and Administrator Roberto V. Garcia (5th from left) joins onstage this year’s winners in the search for the Ten Outstanding Freeport Workers during the recognition ceremony at the Subic Bay Arts Center on Friday, November 22, 2013.