22 December 2014

SBMA to hold training-program on CSR

The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) wants the locators of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ) to regard corporate social responsibility (CSR) not as a mere philanthropic initiative but as a mature, refined discipline.

Victor Persius Chan, CSR manager of Redondo Peninsula Energy Incorporated (RP Energy), issued this call on Wednesday during a media briefing held at the Buma Hotel, Moonbay Marina Area, this Freeport.

Several media group were invited to the SBMA’s briefing on its upcoming “CSR 101”training program, which will take place on January 21 to 22, 2015 at the Subic Holiday Villas.

The two-day training program, organized by the SBMA together with its CSR partners, RP Energy, and the Subic Bay Freeport Chamber of Commerce, has been dubbed “From Philanthropy to Strategy: Moving SBFZ towards Sustainability”, in reference to the goal of enhancing the awareness and understanding of the practice of CSR within the Freeport.

The SBMA invites officers and managers from the following fields to join the training-program: CSR, community relations, public relations, and human resources.

Business owners, who are interested in executing sustainable development programs in relation to their respective businesses, may also participate.

Resource speakers from different multinational companies will share their knowledge and expertise concerning various aspects in the practice of sustainable CSR programs.

“The program hopes to professionalize the practice of CSR and gear it towards sustainable practices, which will benefit all of the communities and businesses around the Freeport. In particular, it will sharpen and improve the practice of CSR among SBFZ practitioners,” said Armina Belleza-Llamas, manager of the SBMA Public Relations Department.

Donna May Tamayo, executive director of the Subic Bay Freeport Chamber of Commerce, described the CSR initiatives of the SBFZ locators mostly as “reactive” activities, which largely depend on the most pressing challenges that have been confronting the area.

“Most of the CSR activities were just responses to the usual problems that the Freeport encounters such as the disaster risk management. But not much has been done regarding the other concerns of the community. We also want the CSR practitioners to focus not only on the disaster-related programs,” stressed Tamayo.

Meanwhile, Chan discussed the program’s learning sessions, which include lectures and workshops on executing strategic CSR programs, creating CSR partnerships, and managing social impact reports and evaluations, among others.

“The participants can expect to learn how they can market their ideas to management and the media. They will get tips on effectively selling their CSR programs to the shareholders,” said Chan, citing the success of “Protect the Bay” initiative, which aimed to ensure the sustainability of Subic Bay by supporting the local government unit’s rehabilitation and protection efforts in various areas within the bay as well as the local enforcement of environmental policies.

The proceeds of the activity will go to the Giant Clam Seeding Project of SBMA as part of the Protect the Bay program.

Registration for the event costs P3,500, inclusive of meals, training kit, certificates, and loot bags. Interested participants may contact the CSR 101 secretariat for the registration form via phone number (047) 252-3180, fax number 252-3190, or email admin@sbfcc.com and csr@rpenergy.ph.

For more information about the program, the applicants may also reach Victor Persius Chan (09998846462), Armie Lllamas (09175579946), and Donna Tamayo (09285591095). (Sun Star Pampanga)