06 April 2015

Zoobic Safari opens zipline ride through tiger den

Zoobic Safari, a theme park in the Subic Bay Freeport that is famous for its menagerie of tigers and other wild animals, has opened a zipline ride that takes you over a den of tigers.

Aptly named as Kamikazoo, the heart-stopping 130-meter ride puts tourists inside a metal capsule hanging on a zipline that slowly makes its way above a den of tigers.

The extraordinary ride, apparently the first of its kind in the world, opened here on Saturday as the latest attraction in the popular park.

According to park owner Engr. Robert Yupangco, the metal capsule has a capacity of eight persons and will have dressed chickens dangling on the side of the cage to attract the tigers. From a height of 10 meters, the capsule will drop down to about one foot from the ground.

“Watch as the tigers try to eat the chicken from the sides of the cage. This will test the courage of those taking the ride,” Yupangco pointed out.

Aside from the zipline, Zoobic Safari has other attractions that will keep tourists occupied and entertained during their stay here, like the famous Tiger Safari where visitors ride a truck with metal grilles around an enclosure filled with tigers.

Other attractions include a serpentarium, petting zoo, and “Croco Loco” which features a pit full of crocodiles.

The safari also has the only black camel in the country, and pigmy donkeys that can only be found here.

Yupangco said despite the wild attractions, the company assures that safety of their visitors is their utmost concern. He said that there are emergency response teams standing by in every ride, and first aid outposts are found around the facility.

With the influx of tourists coming to Subic Bay Freeport this summer, it's no wonder that Zoobic Safari has found a great number of audience to educate and instil in them the concept of wildlife conservation. (JRR/MPD-SBMA)


[1] Zoomanity Group COO Delia de Jesus is joined by newscaster Mario Dumawal (right) in the ceremonial cutting of ribbon to formally launch the “Kamikazoo” zipline capsule ride, the latest attraction at the Zoobic Safari theme park in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. (AMD/MPD-SBMA)

[3] Visitors hover above a tiger enclosure while taking the “Kamikazoo” zipline capsule ride, the latest attraction at the Zoobic Safari theme park in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, which opened last Saturday. (AMD/MPD-SBMA)