22 July 2016

Olongapo City officials undergo drug tests in support of anti-illegal drug campaign

OLONGAPO CITY - Local officials in this city led by Mayor Rolen Paulino submitted themselves to drug tests Wednesday as part their support to the national government's campaign against illegal drugs.

There was no special treatment for the local executives led by Paulino. They underwent all procedures-- from filling out forms and physical examination, to submission of urine samples.

“Ginawa naming ito para ipakita at maging ihemplo para sa mga taga Olongapo, kung yung iba nating mga kababayan ay umamin na user or pusher, ito naman ang paraan naming para ipaalam sa taong bayan na malinis at hindi involve sa drugs ang mga namumuno sa kanila,” Paulino said.

Among those who underwent drug testing are Vice Mayor Jong Cortez and city councilors led by Lugie Lipumano, Bj Cajudo, Noel Atienza, Ed Guerrero, Winnie Ortiz, Edna Elane, Linus Bacay, Bas Palo and Jerome Bacay.

“It was a surprise drug test, I told vice mayor Cortez and the city council to meet me in a restaurant and then I led them to the drug testing center,” Paulino said.

All tested negative both for marijuana and Methamphetamine Hydrochloride locally known as shabu.

Last week, around 400 drug dependents, or what the Philippine National Police called reformists, surrendered to Mayor Paulino and the local police and pledged not go back using or dealing illegal drugs.

According to Paulino, the city will be providing them livelihood options like as casket-making, as well as making eco-bags since the city is now implementing the no-plastic policy and making caskets.

Paulino explained that the city will be providing free caskets to indigent residents who can not afford it. “It will save us a lot of money, instead of buying from private funeral homes plus it will provide livelihood to others,” Paulino explained. (SNL)


Left: Olongapo City Mayor Rolen Paulino is assisted by a nurse at the drug testing center. Local official led by Paulino underwent a drug test Wednesday, with results yielding negative for illegal drugs.

Right: Olongapo City Vice Mayor pose for a picture before submitting his urine sample at the drug testing center Wednesday.