06 December 2016

SBMA employees urge Diño to respect Malacañang on Escolango

THE SBMA Employees Association (SEA) is urging Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Chairman Martin B. Diño to bury the hatchet and work hand-in-hand with OIC Administrator Randy B. Escolango.

“It’s the SBMA that suffers, including the employees, because of the dispute between Chairman Diño and OIC Administrator Escolango,” said Elmer L. Libo, president of the close to a thousand strong members of SEA.

“With Malacañang’s clarification that Atty. Escolango’s designation as OIC Administrator is still in full force and effect, we hope Chairman Diño will set aside his personal ambition and honor Malacañang’s decision like a gentleman,” Libo said.

Libo was speaking in reaction to the Office of the President’s Nov. 28, 2016 reiteration of Escolango’s Oct. 19, 2016 designation as OIC Administrator, in response to Diño’s letter Nov. 21, 2016 saying that despite his (Diño) appointment by President Duterte as Chairman only, he has also assumed the position of SBMA Administrator.

Diño just arrived from Korea, his fourth (4th) trip outside the Philippines in less than two (2) months since assuming office on Oct. 3, 2016. He is expected to be back on Dec. 8 but has cut short his trip to attend the agency's flag-raising ceremony Monday.

SBMA employees are witness to the almost weekly “tele-novela,” referring to Diño’s outbursts during flag ceremonies which began with a dressing down of Escolango, who did not react, in front of all present, after Escolango was designated as OIC Administrator.

When Escolango started to perform the duties of the Office of the Administrator, Diño always comes up with orders and memos nullifying his (Escolango) actions.

With the reiteration of his designation as OIC Administrator by the Office of the president, however, Escolango said he will no longer allow Diño to usurp the position of Administrator.

Escolango said Diño may have to face administrative and criminal charges for usurping the office to which he (Diño) has not been appointed to.

Escolango expressed his gratitude for the support and words of encouragement from SEA and the management personnel of SBMA. “I am humbled by the understanding and support of our managers and rank & file employees,” Escolango said, “We can understand each other, after all, we are the ones who worked together to bring SBMA out of the doldrums.”

In the past six (6) years, SBMA, under the stewardship of former Chairman & Administrator Roberto V. Garcia, grew from virtual bankruptcy to a healthy agency, raking in unprecedented, record-breaking revenues through sound management practices and innovations.

While losing billions of pesos in the past with no subsidy or budget support from the national government, SBMA now has some P4B in the bank and has already contributed hundreds of millions of pesos to the national coffers. (VVV)

SBMA Employees Association (SEA) officers led by President Elmer L. Libo (4th frm R) during a courtesy call on SBMA OIC Administrator Randy B. Escolango (seated). SEA has expressed support for Escolango and called on Chairman Martin B. Diño to respect Malacañang's designation of Escolango so as not to further hamper the normal operations of SBMA. (FBphoto/ell)