06 April 2017

Juvenile Olive Ridley sea turtle released

A juvenile green sea turtle was recently released at the Camayan Beach Resort here on March 30.

The sea turtle was rescued in Danacbunga, Botolan, Zambales on March 1. It had a hook stuck in its throat and a wounded right flipper.

According to Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium Inc. (SBMEI), the sea turtle they named “Wendy” was brought to Wildlife In Need (WIN) animal rescue center here on March 14.

It had undergone a medical procedure to remove the hook and was nursed back to health under the supervision of SBMEI veterinarians.

The SBMEI statement said that "After allowing time for Wendy to heal, the release was made with the guidance of DENR region 3 and Ocean Adventure's animal care team.”

Earlier, another sea turtle they named “Hook” was released on March 23. It was rescued in San Felipe, Zambales on February 22 and was operated on March 3 to remove a hook stuck on its throat. (RFD/MPD-SBMA)


Local tourists and resort staff witness the release of a juvenile Olive Ridley sea turtle back to the sea after it undergone wound treatment at the Ocean Adventure marine theme park in Subic Bay Freeport zone. The rescued sea turtle was turned over weeks ago to the Wildlife in Need animal rescue center by fishermen from Danacbunga village in Botolan, Zambales after it was found with a fishhook stuck in its neck. (AMD/MPD-SBMA)