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13 October 2017

Australian navy ship HMAS Adelaide in Subic Bay Freeport

The Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Adelaide, a Canberra-class landing helicopter dock ship, moors at the Alava Pier in the Subic Bay Freeport on Wednesday (October 11).

The vessel, which earlier docked at the Manila South Harbor, along with another Australian Navy ship, the guided missile frigate HMAS Darwin, is on a five-day tour around the Asian region as part of commitment aimed in strengthening relations with the Philippine Navy in providing maritime security and stability in the region.

The HMAS Adelaide docked at the Alava Pier in Subic Bay Freeport (AMD/MPD-SBMA)

Part of the exercise is a maritime maneuver in Subic Bay, which is focused on humanitarian aid and joint disaster relief simulated operations.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Tuesday, October 10, visited the largest ship of the Royal Australian Navy and reiterated full support to the Philippines’ allies.

The President was given a tour of the landing helicopter dock ship HMAS Adelaide anchored at the Port of Manila as part of the regional deployment by the Australian Defence Force to strengthen ties within the region.

In his remarks, President Duterte welcomed the officials and crew of the navy ship that is in its maiden deployment to Southeast Asia.

“I’d like to welcome you officially to the Philippines. And we’re happy that you found time to visit us,” he said.

HMAS Adelaide, weighing 27,800 tonnes and 230 meters in length, is designed to provide medical and humanitarian assistance during regional emergencies with its 40-bed hospital that is complete with two operating theatres.

The ship’s 200-meter flight deck can carry up to 12 helicopters. It can accommodate more than 100 vehicles, 2,100 tonnes of cargo and can transport 1,000 military personnel and equipment for a rapid disaster response deployment.

More than 100 Philippine Armed Forces personnel, including the elite Philippine Marines, will participate in a sea-ride on Adelaide’s landing craft for a hands-on experience of the Australian Defence Force’s humanitarian and disaster relief capability.

The Australian Embassy noted Australia and the Philippines’ long-standing Defence Cooperation Program, which includes counter-terrorism, maritime security, and capability development assistance to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (MPD-SBMA)