31 August 2012

PNoy: ‘Philippines and Subic now open for business’

The Philippines, especially Subic, is now open for business, as the country begins to reap the fruits of good governance, according to President Benigno Aquino II.

In a speech delivered by Maritime Industry Authority deputy administrator Nicasio Conti on behalf of the chief executive during the recent Subic Bay Maritime Conference and Exhibit here, President Aquino said that the country’s efforts in regaining the national dignity and the confidence of the world send a clear message that the Philippines is ready.

“From weeding out corruption and government in society, to prudently spending our budget, to streamlining our business processes at the national and local levels, we are continuing to regain our national dignity and the confidence of the world in our capabilities,” he said. “The Philippines is open for business and the Filipino people mean business.”

Mr. Aquino also noted the recent upgrades given by international rating agencies to the country and said that these recognition by international observers gave the Philippines new opportunities for development.

“From Luzon to Mindanao, the gears of development are turning, providing opportunities and possibilities that we could only imagine in the past,” he said.

At the same time, President Aquino also noted the rise of Subic as a major logistics hub.

“Here in Subic, we are seeing the emergence of a world-class logistics and investments hub in Southeast Asia. With the Philippines as the fourth largest shipbuilding nation worldwide, boasting the construction of 117 ships in 2011, we are becoming an excellent alternative location for shipbuilding and ship repair,” Mr. Aquino said.

He further noted that the development that the country is enjoying is a product of Filipino ingenuity and action.

Mr. Aquino then pointed out the importance of good governance in national development and how it brings out the best in the Filipino people: “Good and conscientious governance yields positive results, igniting a virtuous cycle of continuous prosperity founded on trust and competence, and at the core of our reform agenda — the empowerment of the common Filipino: to aspire, to work harder, to be more productive, for the greater good of our people. “

“We are witnessing the growth for our nation, reaching its fullest potential,” he added.

With this, Mr. Aquino asked everyone to unite to ensure that the country remain on course towards progress.

“By working hand in hand to ensure that democracy, standards and cooperation prevail because every venture won, every investment obtained, every job created in our land is not only the victory of an enterprise but the success of one Filipino movement, of a nation treading the straight and righteous path, towards a more equitable, a more modern, more peaceful Philippines,” he stated.

The first Subic Bay Maritime Conference and Exhibit was successfully held here last week, with more than 500 shippers and shipping line operators attending the two-day event at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center.

Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Chairman Roberto Garcia said that representatives from various shipping and logistics companies from as far as South Africa, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, aside from the Philippines, attended the forum which focused on the advantages of Subic as a logistics and investment hub.

Garcia said the maritime conference should be an eye opener because the Port of Subic has one of the most beautiful and technologically-advanced container terminals in the whole country, and it is now ready for business as an alternative port to Manila. (FMD/MPD-SBMA))