06 November 2013

SBMA opens ID processing center at Hanjin shipyard

Thousands of workers employed by Hanjin Heavy Industries Corporation (HHIC-Phil) will now benefit from extension services provided by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) after the agency opened on Monday an ID Processing Center (IDPC) right at the main gate of the South Korean shipbuilder’s shipyard.

SBMA Chairman Roberto Garcia said the center will cater to nearly 20,000 personnel working 24/7 on three shifts at HHIC-Phil’s US$1.6-billion facility at the Redondo Peninsula here, which is now the fourth largest shipbuilding facility in the world.

“This project will provide workers of Hanjin and its affiliate companies added convenience when it’s time to renew their SBMA ID’s and gate passes. Now, they don’t have to cross the bay just to avail of SBMA services — we brought the processing center to their doorstep,” Garcia added.

The newly-opened IDPC located at the HHIC main gate is maintained by personnel from the SBMA Labor Department, Law Enforcement Department (LED), and Office Services Department (OSD), which are all tasked to facilitate the issuance of new SBMA IDs.

Atty. Ramon Agregado, who is SBMA Senior Deputy Administrator for Operations, said the IDPC project translates to more efficient service by the SBMA and less foot traffic at its main ID processing center.

“This cuts both ways,” Agregado noted. “On one hand you ease the difficulty for nearly 20,000 workers having to cross Subic Bay only for badging. On the other hand, we make it less chaotic at the SBMA badging office.”

OSD Manager Gerardo Hermoso said the center is expecting to process an average of 200 ID applications and renewals each day, prioritizing those that have already expired.

Hermoso said that to avail of badging services, the workers would have to visit the IDPC only once to have their photographs taken. Payment will then be made through salary deduction, and the new IDs will be released by the HHIC-Phil Human Resource Department.

He added that SBMA is also considering the possibility of extending IDPC operations for two more hours to accommodate workers whose shift ends at 5:00 p.m.

“This may seem to be a just a puny effort on the part of the SBMA, but with this scheme we eliminate the need for workers to be absent from work because they can have their photo taken right here at the shipyard. After work, they can drop by the IDPC, have their photos taken, then after just a few minutes, exit the gate and head for home,” Hermoso said. (RAV/MPD-SBMA)

SBMA Senior Deputy Administrator Ramon Agregado (left) and HHIC-Phil Deputy Managing Director Kim Joong Gyu cut the ceremonial ribbon to open the satellite ID Processing Center for employees at the Hanjin shipyard in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. The satellite office was established to provide convenience to nearly 20,000 workers of Hanjin and its affiliate companies.