07 November 2013

Subic Freeport business locators march for breast cancer awareness

Business locators in this free port lent a hand in raising breast cancer awareness by holding the Second Breast Cancer Awareness Fun Walk recently at the Subic Techno Park.

The event, now on its second year, is organized by the the Philippine College of Occupational Medicine (PCOM) in cooperation with the Subic-Olongapo Cancer Foundation, Inc. (SOCFI). The stakeholders also joined a slogan-making contest as part of the activity.

During the event program, Daisy Lorenzana, a breast cancer survivor, shared her experience in her battle with breast cancer.

“The key to my survival was early detection and a healthy lifestyle,” Lorenzana told employees who joined the march. “We have to share to other people what we have learned in order to save lives.”

According to Charo Simmons, vice president of SOCFI, the event was held to honor breast cancer survivors, as well as those who lost the fight to the illness.

She said that SOCFI aims to educate people that the threat of cancer is real and should not be taken for granted.

Simmons recalled that SOCFI was founded 10 years ago by two doctors dealing with cancer: Dr. Jaime Roco, an oncologist, and Dr. Resty Acosta, himself a cancer survivor.

According to the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology, breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women in the Philippines.

The country is said to have the highest incidence of breast cancer in the Asian continent. An estimated three out of 100 Filipino women contract the disease before age 75, and one out of 100 die before age 75, studies indicate.

The campaign on breast cancer awareness in the Subic Bay Freeport is actively supported by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. (FMD/MPD-SBMA)

Workers from various business locators at the Subic Bay Freeport march for a good cause during the 2nd Breast Cancer Awareness Fun Walk at the Subic Techno Park recently.