02 September 2014

Stinky containers sent back

Subic Bay Freeport — Some 16 containers will have a return trip to Manila as authorities here discovered that these were emitting a stench while two of them are leaking.

This was the statement made by Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Chairman Roberto Garcia during a press conference yesterday on the progress of the transfer of containers from Manila port to Subic Freeport.

Garcia said that the 16 containers were part of the 721 containers that arrived at the New Container Terminal-2 here which were shipped via the MV Asterix on Friday morning.

The transfer to Subic was SBMA’s thrust to help ease the port congestion in Manila. “But that’s as long as they conform to the SBMA’s environmental laws and policies,” Garcia stressed. (Jonas Reyes, Manila Bulletin)