27 August 2016

Subic equipped for huge cargo influx - SBMA

CARGO moving through the Subic Bay International Terminal Container (SBITC) is expected to surge over the next five years as a rising number of shippers will start using the port, according to the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA).

In a statement issued on Friday, SBMA said it was ready to handle the surge.

As of end 2015, containerized cargos that went to Subic jumped to 123,510 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent containers), a 60-percent expansion, from 77,177 TEUs the year before.

For non-containerized cargos, about 7.5 million metric tons of goods were shipped through the port, 24 percent higher from the 6.1 million mark the year before.

“SBITC can safely handle about 20 to 30 percent more cargos year-on-year in the next few years,” said SBMA Chairman Roberto Garcia.

SBITC has a rated capacity of 600,000 TEUs. And because of the upgrades installed by the port operators, the port can now also handle forty-foot equivalent containers (FEUs). Garcia also pointed out that the number of shipping lines calling at SBITC regularly has increased since 2014.

“People think that we can’t carry FEUs in Subic. This is wrong. We have the equipment to handle these big boxes from all over the world,” he said adding that brokers and truckers will not experience delay in releasing cargos from the port.

“Some think that it is difficult to get accreditation from us. It is not; it only takes half day. And if the broker and the trucker still cannot finish the paper work within the day, we will still release the cargo. They only have to show proof that they have started the paperwork to be accredited,” he said.

Garcia said with all the upgrades and the infrastructure in place, Subic is the best option for businesses that carry goods to and from the Northern part of Luzon. (Raadee S. Sausa, The Manila Times)

A container ship docked at the NCT1 of the port of Subic.